Biomimetic Clockworx is the research home of HCO3: Human-Centred Organization as a Complex Living Organic Organism/Ecosystem.

It seeks to provide HCO3 Practice Research space to the many unique and diverse Global Human-Centric Organizations and their practitioners.

It serves to help both new and established Practitioners in fulfilling their purpose within the community, by partnering with them in their endeavors to grow more humane organizations. It is unique in that it strives to provide an ongoing relationship in organisational research on a functional, operational and advisory level.

It hopes that through the information shared, via the Blog, Social Media communities and one-on-one assistance, an organic network of Human-Centric Organizations is established. One that can support and integrate with each other to provide a robust Global mutually supportive Ecosystem.

At Biomimetic Clockworx, the complex and diverse potential of Humanity is its core passion, and it believes that it should be accessible to every human citizen, today and our future generations to come, by Right.

HCO3 Practice Research • Human • Intrinsic • Different


Establish actively engaged, creative, fulfilled, and productively collaborative [HCO3 Community of Practice] members;

Facilitate a [HCO3 Practice Research SKEIN], integrative scaffolding systems, dynamic human processes, and organic industry solidarity;

Enable the Global HCO3 Community to emerge the most economically beneficial, socially and environmentally responsible, and holistic [HCONetwork of Influence];

Ensure all practitioners are economically resilient and unencumbered in fulfilling their primary purpose and obligations to all [Vested Participants].


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T.R.U.S.T generates people with H.E.A.R.T when L.O.V.E.D


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