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Human Nature

By nature We, Human Beings are a Social Species, this means that everything about us is designed to grow and thrive within a collective setting. From the time we are born to the day we die, we inhabit a relational existence with an innate need to belong and contribute to something more than our individuality. As a consequence our lives are filled with collective enterprises, socially, recreationally, environmentally, creatively, spiritually and economically. By far the largest representation of these are those we work in. For the majority of people, more that 50% of their waking lives is spend Working, yet according to Gallup Daily tracking, only 13% of employees worldwide, working for an organization are engaged.–Meaning they are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. This prompted the founding questions:

  1. Why is there such a universal privation of engagement across the spectrum of collective enterprise?
  2. Why are the establishments born to extend the capacity of the individual, through leveraging the collective failing; becoming toxic, septic and indeed destructive to the individuals? 

Organizational Paradigms

Organizations come in many forms, dependent on the prevailing Organizational Paradigm that constructs them. A pivotal literary work that brought this to public prominence in 2014 was, Reinventing Organizations: A guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness by Frederic Laloux. However, since then although we are aware of the impact of Organizational Paradigms, we still seem to struggle to create Organizations that are truly Human friendly.

The Organizational Paradigms we hold are all relevant reflections of Human Nature, in other words we procreate what we are. However, due to our own development, all are incomplete reflective facets of only a limited aspect of our Human Nature. This naturally means that only the part of Human Nature represented in the Paradigm is supported in the Organization, causing a fracturing of the Human Beings our collective enterprises are made up of.


If our collective enterprises are to be truly enhancements of our Humanity, then we need to learn how to organize like a Human Being. Not because it is the best form of organizing in nature or technology, but because it is in optimum alignment with our HUMAN nature.


This then has become the emerging Vocation of Biomimetic Clockworx:

To facilitate a truly Human-Centric Organization (HCO3) Practice Research SKEIN.



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